4 Ways Your Brand Can Access The $3.7tn Global Islamic Economy

With the worldwide global Islamic economy set to reach $3.7 trillion by the end of 2019, there’s heaps of untapped potential for the Islamic market. Here in the West, there’s an increasing trickle of headlines about the ‘Muslim’ pound or dollar. While brands start to drip-feed Muslims touchpoints relevant to their consumer journeys, it can be said that overall efforts to reach Muslims been slow and they continue to be mostly uncatered for in most mainstream consumer categories.

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Thinking About Marketing To Muslims? Here Are 6 Ways To Create A Successful Ad Campaign

When it comes to using or targeting minority groups in advertising, we’ve all seen and heard the controversies throughout the years. But marketing to Muslims doesn’t have to be rocket science. Through our years of helping businesses around the world grow through increasing their Muslim audiences, we’ve seen that the best strategies all have a few things in common. If you’re ready to expand your Muslim audience, read on for our 6 tips on how to land your advertising concept with Muslims – in the right way.

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Tips for Effective Online Advertising – Part 3

Salaam Everyone!

This is the final part of the series of Effective Online Advertising. If you haven’t yet read the part 1 and part 2, please make sure to check them before you dive in here.

So far, we have discussed on how to get the right attention, deliver the right message, and empower viewers to take action.

In this blog post, you will see how you can achieve an outcome from your incoming visitors.

Here are some tips to consider:

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Tips for Effective Online Advertising – Part 2

Salaam Everyone!

Last time we talked about Attention, and some tips on how you can seek attention from viewers.

Today, we will talk about 2 more strategies, and they are: Clarity & Action.

Clarity is about the message you intended to put on your banner: to be clear and transparent on what you are going to offer to your potential customers.

So how can you create a powerful message to make your ads clickable?

Here are some tips to follow:

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Tips for Effective Online Advertising – Part 1

Image result for tips for effective online advertising

Do you consider advertising as an investment? or do you think it’s a huge expense?

What can you do to make it an investment for your business?

The key to effective online advertising is to know how you can reach your potential customers.

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Why Halal.Ad Disapproves Your Site


The most commonly asked question at Halal.Ad: ‘Why was my site disapproved? Are the contents not Halal?’

It’s true that we initially observed only 2 things: Halal or not halal, but as we get more widgets, we noticed that there’s more to look for, so we decided to put them into a blog post, and thus everyone’s question can be answered with just one shot (many arrows). 🙂

So here are the main reasons why a site gets disapproved:

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How to sign up for Halal.Ad

Salaam Everyone! 🙂

In this blog post, we will show you how to create an account at Halal.Ad.

If you wonder what Halal.Ad is all about, it’s an ad network exclusively designed for Muslim market, so Muslim advertisers can advertise their products/services, while Muslim publishers can monetize their traffic through serving those ads.

Now let’s get started.

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