Tips for Effective Online Advertising – Part 3

Salaam Everyone!

This is the final part of the series of Effective Online Advertising. If you haven’t yet read the part 1 and part 2, please make sure to check them before you dive in here.

So far, we have discussed on how to get the right attention, deliver the right message, and empower viewers to take action.

In this blog post, you will see how you can achieve an outcome from your incoming visitors.

Here are some tips to consider:


1. Seasonal Adjustments

If you have allocated a certain budget for advertising per month, let me tell you that you are most likely in a traditional mode.

Our simple advice: don’t let your budget run your ad campaigns. Know your seasonal highs and lows. If you have a product/service that’s ideal for Ramadan season, consider leveling up your ad budget when Ramadan is around.

If you have a product which is out of use for summer, don’t spend much on advertising around that season as no one would be interested in buying it.

So plan your budget according to the seasonal needs of your business and guess what? You will get more returns, insha’Allah. πŸ™‚


2. Landing Page

We have noticed many businesses mostly link their home page when advertising. This is good for one-page sites, but not for sites that offer a varied range of products and services. This is where landing pages come in handy to achieve an outcome.

Here’s why you should consider having a landing page for your incoming visitors:

  1. It helps you easily track your visitors.
  2. Making the page relevant to what you advertise, so visitors will be interested in knowing more about your business which can possibly lead to achieving a high-end result.
  3. You can easily convince visitors to take action by being specific and offering something that would be worth the visit. For example, discount coupons, free samples or a free e-book/resource or anything that would make them interested in knowing more about your business. Please note that it must be relevant to the product/service you advertise. Not something that’s out of the scope.

Few things to note when creating your landing page:

  • Be sure to mention all the necessary information about the product or service you offer.
  • Highlight the benefits customers will be getting by purchasing your product/service. Who wants to purchase something of no avail? πŸ™‚
  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you if needed. You can include your email, contact number or a contact form.
  • The prices should be easy to find and remember. It would be better to put them up on the page itself instead of redirecting them to a products/services page.
  • Offer risk-free guarantees to build trust and boost your sales. One of the best ways to achieve an outcome.


3. Quality Website

Some businesses focus more on their advertising campaigns than on their website.

If you would like to see a high-end performance from your ads, it’s important to have a quality website because looks do matter.

Potential customers are usually interested in knowing more about you, so there’s a good chance of them checking your entire website. If your site is just outdated, difficult to navigate and not at all relevant to your ad campaigns; there’s no doubt they will tick you off from their list.


Bonus Points!

1. Spend money to make money:

Successful advertising does come with spending some money. It’s never a place to save as it will indirectly affect your sales and overall business.

2. Stand out:

If you are a follower looking for your competitors and trying to know what they are doing, you will likely remain in one position without going any further.

You need to stand out to create a successful business. So do your homework, understand who your target audience is and define a unique brand to capture their attention. After all, no one achieved a long-term success by being an exact copy of someone.

3. Test your ads:

Before spending a large sum of money, make sure to test your ads with a lifetime budget. You can also schedule an ad for a certain period of time to see how well the message gets delivered.

Test it in different ways until you are satisfied with how they perform. Once you see a good progress, you can confidently start spending without breaking your bank.



Okay, so that ends the series of effective online advertising. We hope you find them beneficial.

Any tips or suggestions you have in your pocket? πŸ™‚ Let us know in the comments section below.

And if you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to or you can chat with us online.

Until next time, insha’Allah.

Have a fantastic day! πŸ™‚