Why Halal.Ad Disapproves Your Site


The most commonly asked question at Halal.Ad: ‘Why was my site disapproved? Are the contents not Halal?’

It’s true that we initially observed only 2 things: Halal or not halal, but as we get more widgets, we noticed that there’s more to look for, so we decided to put them into a blog post, and thus everyone’s question can be answered with just one shot (many arrows). πŸ™‚

So here are the main reasons why a site gets disapproved:


  1. Invalid Clicks/Views

If we sense any chance of generating invalid clicks or views, then we will not approve your widget. This mainly involves floating ads, on-click ads and hidden links, as this is an attempt to trick a visitor/user.

Any suspicious tools, services or software that can generate clicks/views will also lead to disapproving your widget.

  1. Invalid URL

If you have given us the incorrect URL or if the URL is mistyped, then there’s no way for your widget to get approved.

We also don’t accept URL forwarding/URL redirection when you can specify the original URL of the website.

Sometimes your site might have been disapproved due to server downtime. If so, then you can reapply or you can contact us via chat, so we can recheck your site.

  1. Content Quality

When it comes to content quality, there are several reasons we can put forward on why a widget gets disqualified. Let’s take a look at the main reasons point by point.

i) Poorly written contents:

If your site doesn’t have meaningful contents, then we can safely assume that you can’t get the right audience to well-serve the ads at Halal.Ad.

ii) Irrelevant contents:

Contents with inappropriate topics or with topics that are not relevant at all with the text are pieces of evidence that the contents have been copied from other sources.

We also noticed some sites carry different topics with the same text or the home page is well-designed, but when exploring the site, there’s nothing much to look for.

Any sites that seems deceptive or trying to cheat with duplicate contents will be ticked off, and they won’t have a chance to participate in future as well.

We also don’t accept sites with anime and inappropriate gaming contents.

iii) Outdated contents:

If your site is not up-to-date with new contents, and if it’s not updated for more than 3 months, then it’s very likely for your site to get disapproved.

iv) Fewer contents:

Please note that we will not accept any site with fewer/insufficient contents, as it’s obvious that there’s no traffic, and this can lead to generating invalid clicks/views; but if it seems promising, then we may approve.

v) Cracking/Hacking contents:

Any cracking contents including that which reveal product keys will not be accepted.

We also don’t approve contents that promote hacking or illegal activities.

vi) Misleading contents:

If we observe any adult or matured contents or contents that violate or invade the privacy of others, then those sites will have no room to get qualified at Halal.Ad. This includes misleading ads and images as well.

In short, any sites promoting contents that are not relevant and ethical will be excluded, and we will take it to an extent of banning such accounts from Halal.Ad.

  1. Poor Site Management/Poor Site Behavior

Most sites get disqualified due to poor site management or poor site behavior.

If your website is poorly designed, and if the home page is not responsive with too many pop-ups, then there will be no second thought given on approving your widget, as your site should be easy for users and visitors to navigate.

Also, sites that do not have a clear navigation menu will be disapproved, as it’s the main part of a website to help users/visitors to find what they are looking for.

We will also not approve websites that are too new, and sites that are under construction.

  1. Malware/Adware

Websites that use malicious or intrusive software/tools to gain access or damage a computer will not be accepted at any rate.

  1. Poor Traffic:

There’s no minimum traffic requirement, and we don’t usually look for traffic – except when a site is not impressive enough or when it looks suspicious.

Now you know what poor traffic means. πŸ˜‰

  1. No widget appears after approval:

We advise all publishers to place the code on your site before approval, as we will be checking it after approving to make sure that the widget has been created by the site owner itself.

If we couldn’t locate the widget, then we will turn it off after approving.

  1. No privacy policy, about us or contact us page:

Though this is not something we will be mainly looking for, there are certain situations where we disapprove sites due to not having a privacy policy, about us or contact us page, especially when we couldn’t understand the purpose of a website or when there’s an identity crisis (if you know what I mean). πŸ™‚


What else do you think we should look for?

Let us know if we have missed to mention any.

Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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