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Assalamu alaikum! This is Maruf, co-founder of Hala.Ad. As you know, sometimes we share case studies that after a while we started working on them. But this time we would like to do a small experiment and start putting a lot of our cases as we go long. 

So today, I’d like to talk about the Dhikr.IO. So, first of all, what’s the Dhikr.IO? Let me tell you briefly what it is. It’s an app that will help you remember like, you know as Muslim, you have daily prayer. I have to remember God. 

So this app is going to help you with that as you can see the main functionality of the app, is that to help you with your daily routine, Dhikr list and Quran Recitation and Salah. So, one of our main challenges was to help them to create more awareness, more engagement, of course as well as the app installs as well. 

So before we get into the result, I would like to also tell you how it was before. So we started working in the middle of this June. So  it’s like we can work on the client and this client and an app probably to see the respectable. So this is how it was before as you can see they had this daily. 

I think probably Daily Posts and it has engaged below somewhere here. So they have that Daily Post and the engagement on those are like a very minimal like five, six likes and they had 36 followers and this is the after. So as you can see, we start doing a post about this design. 

So this is one of the examples like it is from Baqarah, Allah said if you remember me, I’ll remember you. But if you notice that engagement like almost 1000 times, right and also the page post as well.

And also you can see that poster on a weekly basis and the use as well. So as you can see before and after like into 3, which is huge at that the question is, how did we achieve to this results? And let’s breakdown how it works at step. So in this nutshelter is three things, right? 

In our case, It was the finally get our story, our story to tell, the story telling, the second one was the theme, right? What is the theme of our page and communication. One of the things we see all the time when many brands that they only talk about themselves, not really thinking about what kind of value they’re giving to their fans and followers, right? 

That’s why the engagement is very low in most of the pages and last but not the least is that we have to admit that. Yes, we did use money to boost with the post but you will be surprised how much is the amount of you know, it’s not $2000 or $1000. It’s that barely $200 right to achieve these results. 

And so, let’s get into this storytelling part. So one thing is the way we can suggest that they carry around it, is that to create a very beautiful introduction. So I’m going to play just like five to ten seconds. You can watch the full video on YouTube. 

So you get the idea that just gives and very minimale and clean overview of the app. So it will help us to know the advertise and to get more views affordably not on Facebook or Instagram, but all the other channels as well. So this video to show so tell us about pretty where there’s also the storytelling part as well to tell you what it is how it does. So the next part we want is the theme. 

The same is that we figured. So if you go back, yeah, look at this image what will you see? What are  the emotions? Whatever it takes. We try to convey our followers. What I think is okay. This is the app about that you can remember Allah. So as Muslims you know we get or any profit. So the question was that how do we still convey to this? 

What is the end result? If you think about as a user you can be someone was following this page. What is it we wanna give? Our answer was that as Allah says in the Quran as well the hearts truly find peace, by remembering God, so we said, okay, let’s try to come up with that peace, serenity, themes. 

One of the first thing we could think about is nature. So we began to focus on the nature, the sunrise, the sunset and it’s beautiful. Since it’s nature, we’ll remember in sort from the Quran and the Hadith as well. To have people remember, so they can find happiness. As you can see, everything we do is gonna be about that theme, helping people to find inner peace. That’s the theme we have. 

The last from the list is the app we sort of running page likes and a variance because it’s like a one-day $1 like we’re getting like almost one cent and also there was the most important is that the app installs and the Senate so we’ll set up install. These are the countries, english speaking countries in the western countries. Otherwise looking given cheaper, but that’s not the point. 

The point is that once we begin to run the ads near the engagement and It’s about you know, customer. It’s about just reaching about. It’s a cool app. We’re giving them value but that there aren’t going to convert into app users or even paid users becomes much much easier. 

So this is our progress so far with the Dhikr.IO in two, three weeks we’ll upload to another video probably in a month or maybe a couple of months to share the bigger picture how we are turning them into brand-new launch that into something one of those top double apps. Hopefully in the next term for six months. So yeah, that is what we want to share. If you want to add if you are a business idea if you want to reach out to Muslim audiance in online. 

Yeah, may you can talk to us, visit at Halal.Ad and we’ll be happy to discuss that if we can help. We’ll do our best the way maybe two or other people can help you better. In any case, about the short video about the Dhikr.Io that if any questions, if the comments, we will be to hear from you until then, Assalaam alaikum.

Author: Maruf Yusupov

CEO & Co-founder at Father & Lifetime Entrepreneur