How Halal.Ad Helped Majestic Quran 10X Their Traffic & Revenue in 3 Months

I first heard about the Majestic Quran project via Launch Good. So, what is it all about? The promo video said, “we are translating the Quran into a modern, simple and relatable English”. They were raising funds to complete the project. I loved the idea and donated to the project.

After a few months, I got this Majestic Quran with the most beautiful cover.

Got my Majestic Quran copy 🙂

It was love at first sight even without opening the cover. It was beautifully designed. Besides, the cover photo background is the dome of a mosque.
This design is very common where I come from Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Real Gem Inside
However, the real gem was waiting inside. After I started reading it, I began to realize what I was missing from the other English translation of the Quran.

The translator Dr. Musharraf Hussain did a great job. Instead of translating verse by verse, he translated by sections and paragraphs. So when you read, there is a better flow and coherence.

Besides, there are headings for each section so you can easily get the main point for that section. It replaced my existing translation which I used to read on my phone.

Why am I telling you all these?
You may be wondering why I am telling you all these. What about the revenue and numbers? We will get to that in a moment. I just wanted to be mindful and grateful to Allah SWT that we are blessed to work with such projects. Alhamdulillah. We could have worked with any companies. However, we intentionally wanted to help Muslim owned companies grow.

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I think this is how Atif Hussain – the son of Dr. Musharraf reached out to us early January this year. Once I know it was this project and the team who produced my favorite Quran translated, I said to myself “we should really help them to reach far and beyond, iA.”

I took the photo I shared earlier and shared with Atif if it is this Quran 🙂

I was sold on the idea. All we need to discuss was how we can help.

Atif told us that they were getting 3-5 sales per day. He felt they could do better with ads and they needed help. Ideally, they would like to increase sales to 7 to 10 copies per day.

We sat down together and came up with the following strategy for the short term and long term. In the short term, we will optimize the site and bring more traffic via paid advertising. In the long term, we will need to create a content strategy that will increase the traffic via free channels like search engines and social media.

Short Term Strategy
We understood our client wanted to increase their revenue. One way of increasing sales is to bring more potential buyers to your website via paid advertising.

Site Optimisation
Their site was on WordPress and most elements were in the right place.
All we had to improve the product page by adding the customer testimonials and the top navigation by simplifying it for the visitors.

Website Top Menu Before
Website Top Menu After

Another advantage for Majestic Quran was that they already had their customer video testimonials and the promo video they produced earlier for their crowdfunding campaign. We have used them as a starting point for our advertising campaigns. We wanted to start with social ads namely Facebook and Instagram.

Long Term Strategy
Our long term strategy needs to include some kind of content we know. However, the main challenge is lack or shortage of manpower for many non-profits similar to Majestic Quran. So whatever we come up with had to require as little time as possible from the team yet we could reach as many people as possible.

Think Quran Podcast
Alhamdulillah, the outcome was Think Quran Podcast. It is a weekly Quran Podcast where Dr. Musharraf reads one short surah or section from Quran first in Arabic then in English. It starts with juz 30 first then goes to Juz 29, etc. Here you can subscribe and listen to the episodes:

We used a similar cover for the podcast so it stands out and reminds of the product

Produce Once. Distribute Many.
As mentioned above, whatever we produced, we had to utilize it to the max.
Since Dr. Musharraf recorded his episodes in video format, we could use it as a video as well as audio.

So we created a podcast with the audio files. We also created a new YouTube channel for Majestic Quran where we distribute the video files.

Moreover, we convinced the team in creating dedicated pages for Facebook and Instagram as well. Before they were using their other non-profit page Karimia Institute. We understand they were using one page to keep things simple. But we know from our experience that every brand should have its own page especially Majestic Quran. Alhamdulillah, the team listened and followed our advice.

Distribution Channels:

  • Website Blog
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast
  • Weekly Email Newsletter

Here you can follow Majestic Quran on Facebook and Instagram:

Their website traffic increased by 10 fold since we started working with them. It is the result of our cooperation and working together.

This spike resulted in sales as well. While we can’t quote the exact number, I recently talked to Atif and he mentioned that the sales are 10 times larger compared to the time before we started working together.

Excited Beyond Measure
Alhamdulillah, we are excited beyond measure for Majestic Quran.
These 10X numbers not only impact positively financially, but it also means that we will be reaching out to even more Muslims and non-Muslims with the beautiful message of the Quran, inshaAllah.

Client Testimonial

Working with Maruf has been a great experience. He’s understood our requirements and then presented solutions to our marketing needs. Halal.Ad has provided us with some great ideas to continue building our brand awareness and increase traffic. They offer a professional and bespoke service with the client at heart, something that doesn’t find among marketing agencies.

Atif Hussain
Director of Publishing
Majestic Quran / Karimia Institute

If you are looking for a simple and modern English translation of the Quran, then your search is over. It is the Majestic Quran:

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Author: Maruf Yusupov

CEO & Co-founder at Father & Lifetime Entrepreneur